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The Truth Behind A Couple Of Myths You May Believe About Anti-wrinkle Injections

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If your face has started to show signs of ageing, you may wish that you could do something about the appearance of the wrinkles. You may have even considered getting injections to help fill them out, but you have heard too many negative things about getting them.

If so, you should know that many of the misconceptions that you have about the injections are not true. Below is the truth behind a couple of the myths you may believe about getting anti-wrinkle injections.

1. You Need to Have the Injections Routinely to Keep the Wrinkles from Returning and Making Them Worse

One myth that you may have heard about getting injections to fill out your wrinkles is that you have to get them routinely. You may believe that once you start getting the injections, you have to go every few weeks or months to keep having them or the wrinkles will return or get worse.

However, the medications in the injections contain collagen stimulants as well as dermal fillers. Once the injection is given, the dermal fillers plump out the skin, and the stimulants help your body produce more collagen to keep the results more permanent.

2. You Will Have to Take Several Days off from Work Because the Injections Will Cause a Lot of Pain and Swelling

Another misconception you may have about getting anti-wrinkle injections is that they cause a lot of pain and facial swelling. Because of this, you may believe that you have to take several days off of work to recover until the pain goes away and the swelling goes down.

However, the injections are given using small needles that typically feel like a tiny prick when inserted, and any discomfort you feel usually goes away after a few minutes. While there may be minor swelling at the injection sites on your face, it recedes rapidly, making it unnecessary to take additional time off from work.

When you have the injections, the medication will not only fill out the wrinkles but will also stimulate your body's own natural production of collagen. This can help make the results of the injections more permanent and greatly lessen the time between them if multiple shots are even necessary. You also do not have to worry about extensive pain and swelling that would keep you out of work for days. If you have any further questions, contact a business that offers anti-wrinkle injections.